Healthy For The Soul

Hi, we're Kind Lips. Made simply, lived truly. 


Our story goes a little something like this...

A funny thing happened as we set out to create the lip balm of all lip balms. As we formulated and perfected we quickly realized something: we weren’t just getting into the lip balm business. Oh, no. We were after something much larger. Like, say, the world-changing business.


You see, our lips are the very things that help us care for others—friends, family, even perfect strangers. It’s our words that carry with them the greatest weight and impact we may ever possibly have.

So, our hope for Kind Lips is that whenever you pick up a tube that you’ll remember to lay it on thick: the good stuff for your lips and the day-changing stuff for everyone around you.


All of the good things,
none of the bad.

Every tube and flavor is formulated with nothing but the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients. Full of the good stuff for you and your kisser, free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients, parabens animal testing and other not-so-kind (or cool) stuff. 


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